Monday, September 28, 2009

ChessPad 2.0.1 released

This is just a bug fix update, resolving some minor issues. Download it

  • Fixed: Help->ChessPad Home Page links to ChessPad 1 Home Page.

  • Fixed: Fonts folder is not retrieved correctly by name.

  • Fixed: Requesting current position in search window gives error.

  • Fixed: Searching for position with piece NOT on a square does not work.

  • Fixed: Cancel after adding new engine leaves a new engine in the available list.

  • Fixed: Preferences->Open->On Game Load Show Last Position does not work in the main game viewer.

  • Fixed: When the game is view only, the notation popup still has editing features.

  • Fixed: Shortcuts for engine command give error when no engine is active.

  • Fixed: Gamelist header does not get updated when language is switched.

  • Fixed: Progress in export games and in operations on sets of games is strange.

  • Fixed: Export games to another ChessPad database does not work.

  • Fixed: Move options alternatives in line, alternatives as tree, set main altternative are not stored.

  • Fixed: Shortcuts Ctrl+'!' and Ctrl+'=' do not open the button menus.

  • Fixed: In the game list, Goto Game Nr selects the previous game nr.


  1. ChessPad for iPhone!?! Please-please-please.....

  2. Two feature requests:
    1) Make it so that when you are entering game information, hitting TAB will advance you to the next field for entry - this will speed this dialog up a ton with this simple fix.
    2) I'd like to see an alternate format for the comments. If the comment for the next move could be shown alone or if the comment/notation text size could be adjusted so its readable from a distance and other comments are hidden, then this program can become a better tool for teaching (which is what I use it for among other things). Students can see the move comment without seeing the comming moves forcing them to think about the position before seeing the answer.

  3. Mate - I have un-installed this software. I have also sent you the error file for the stack & array out of bounds errors. I am a little annoyed as I have built 3 games databases with chess pad 2 & now I can't access any of them.

    What seems to happen is that if you leave chess pad open for long periods of time, it repeatedly saves the current game to the list - especially when my laptop hibernates & I start it up again - otherwise the software is great. I can't afford wondering every time I open a db whether it is going to "be there or not"