Monday, September 7, 2009

The Preferences Window – the Open page

ChessPad has many options, they can be found in the Preferences window. In this post I will show you the Open page.


With View Game Only, you control the View Games Only behavior in the Game Viewer. By default it is on, and when opening a database, it will be automatically set to View Games Only (see the menu Database->View Games Only in the main window)

When a database is set for View Games Only, upon loading a game from the database, it will be for viewing only (see the menu Game->View Only), and when a move is made on the board the game viewer will go into Try out mode and not make changes to the game.

Show last position: Select this option when you want to load a game at the last position. This is handy with some training databases, where you have to continue play at the end of training game. (For training, use also View From Color to Move). But also with regular games it can be nice to have, since it provides some extra information about the game immediately. Default is Show first position.

View From Players: Loading a game that has one of the players in this list will open with that player’s pieces at the bottom. Use this option for your favorite players, or for your own games. The name you enter must be an exact match.

View From Color To Move: Select this option when you want to game to load with pieces that have the move on the bottom. This is rather handy with training databases, where you have to continue play at the first or last position. (See also Show last position). 

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