Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Game Notation popup menu – Alternatives in line, as tree, set as main alternative

When you right click on the game notation, the following menu appears:

gamenotationpopupThe three highlighted commands can be used to change the layout of variations in the game notation. As an example, I have taken a fragment from the game Pillsbury – Lasker, St. Petersburg 95/96, with comments from Kasparov.


By default, the comments are all put in one paragraph, line by line with no special formatting. The comments contain a number of variations. Sometimes, the variations are more clear if they are structured more like a tree, than on a line. Setting Alternatives as tree on the move Ra3 will change the view into this:

altastreeonRa3 The alternatives after the move Ra3 (except the game move) will start a new, indented, paragraph. Repeating this for the move Qb6 yields this:

altastreeonQb6Finally, if you look at the move Ka2, the first sub-alternative. It can be set to be the main alternative which gives this:

setmainaltonKa1The main alternative will be continued in the paragraph, while the other alternatives are listed subordinately.

The main settings for the game notation layout can be found in the Preferences->Game Display->Display Settings.

relatedsettingsHere you can select the default style of the comment layout, narrative (everything in a paragraph) or tree-like. 

Alternatives as tree can be used when the game is displayed with the Narrative Comment Lay-out option to force the tree-like comment layout for selected moves.

Alternatives in line can be used when the game is displayed with the Tree-like Comment Lay-out option to force the Narrative comment layout for selected moves.

Set as main alternative can be used when the alternatives are laid out like a tree, to force for that move the narrative comment layout style.

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